Central Connecticut Regional Planning AgencyCT

Traffic and turn counts

CCRPA monitors the region's transportation system. As part of its monitoring program, CCRPA undertakes the following services:

  1. Vehicular traffic counts (including statistics on volume, speed, vehicle mix, and time of day)
  2. Intersection counts
  3. ATV, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic counts (both on- and off-road)
  4. Congestion monitoring on selected routes (including statistics on speed and delay)
  5. Parking space and lot counts
  6. Analysis and project development based these or other data

Weather and resources permitting, CCRPA is able to offer these services at no cost to municipalities and nonprofits in the region.
To inquire about the availability of these services, please contact Jason Zheng.

Congestion Management Process

As part of its responsibilities under federal law, CCRPA monitors and reports on congestion in the region. The Agency coordinates its work with other MPOs in the Hartford Transportation Management Area. Agency staff evaluate congestion with a variety of metrics, including traffic counts as described above, analysis of third-party data, and firsthand collection of vehicle speeds, delays, and queue length by driving routes with GPS loggers.

Since traffic patterns change over time, data are gathered every two to four years. Once sufficient information has been collected, staff produce an analysis of congestion in the region. The most recent report was issued in 2012. Prior to that, a report was released in 2008.