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Transportation Improvement Program

All projects that receive federal transportation funds must be included in CCRPA's regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and in the Connecticut Department of Transportation's (ConnDOT) Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. The purpose of the TIP is to set the allocation of federal funds, both formula-based and discretionary, to specific projects and times. (Projects that are solely funded by the State and/or municipalities are not guaranteed to appear in the TIP.)

The TIP is a four-year document. The current version was adopted in 2014 and runs through 2018. Because schedules and estimates are subject to change (and do change frequently), the TIP is updated several times per year. In addition to changes in project timing and cost, new projects may be added to the TIP as funding allows.

For a project to be included in the TIP, it must be provided to CCRPA for review and approval. Most projects arrive at CCRPA in one of the two following ways:

CCRPA's Board must vote to include a project in the TIP. (Minutes from Board meetings, including votes, are available online.) If you are interested in developing a project to be included in the TIP, please contact Tim Malone.