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The Forestville Project

The Forestville Project is a community-based design plan to revitalize Forestville center, a historic village in Bristol. The project is a collaborative effort between CCRPA and the University of Connecticut's Community Research Design Collaborative (CRDC) and Department of Civil Engineering.


The project (see blog) outlines a vision for the future of Forestville and addresses issues related to transportation, economic development, and environmental management within the existing village context. Topics discussed include:


Economic development

Environmental management

Ultimately, the project will produce a land use plan which builds on the Route 72 Corridor Study. The plan will be designed to allow its adoption as an amendment to Bristol’s Plan of Conservation and Development. Release of this plan is expected in 2013.

Community engagement

As a community-based design, public involvement is a key component of the project. Since the project's start in June 2011, nearly a dozen committed working group and large public engagement sessions have taken place. These efforts, which are ongoing, ensure broad public input on the scope, data collection, analysis, and design of the project. The Forestville Project's blog documents many of these efforts.