Central Connecticut Regional Planning AgencyCT

Demographic profile


According to the 2010 Census, 235,878 people live in central Connecticut. This compares with 227,676 in 1990 and 226,695 in 2000. While the regional population has remained steady, inter-town migration has shifted the population balance. Growth has stabilized in the older suburban areas, some of the bigger cities are decreasing in size and population is increasing in the newer suburban and exurban communities like Burlington, Berlin, and Southington.


In general, the region is slightly older than the nation as a whole. The nation’s median age was 36.5 years in 2009 while the median for the region is roughly 40.


In general the public schools in the region perform well, as do most of the students. In 2009, 88% of the 2,767 eligible public school students in the region graduated. While this was below the state average of 91%, all but two towns (New Britain and Plymouth) exceeded the state rate. Every town in the region either maintained their graduation rate or increased it from 2002. Region-wide the rate went up 3% from 2002 to 2009.


Since 2000, the racial and ethnic profile of the region has changed somewhat. In 2000, just 10.8% of the population was Hispanic or Latino compared with 12.5% of the nation. That changed to 13% of the region and 15.1% of the nation in 2009. Hispanics and Latinos make up a larger portion of the region’s population than that of the state (11.6%).