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These programs provide environmental, societal, financial, and technical benefits that include both on- and off-site benefits. 


Program benefits include, but are not limited to, many of the following aspects:


Sustaining and improving agricultural productivity.


Cleaner, safer, and more dependable water supplies.


Reduced damages caused by floods and other natural disasters.


Enhanced natural resource bases that support continuing economic development, recreation, and other purposes.


NRCS en Español


Obtain a copy of the Conservation Practices and Programs for Your Land: 2008 Farm Bill publication.


Environmental Review Team

Horse Environmental Awareness Program (H.E.A.P.)

Earth Team

Connecticut Envirothon


Financial Assistance Programs




Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA)

This program helps reduce the economic risk to farms through new irrigation, transition to organic pest management, or production diversification.


Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

This program helps promote farm and forest health by enhancing the environmental quality of soil, water, air, plants, and animals.

*EQIP Air Initiative

*EQIP Organics

*Conservation Activity Plan  (CAPs)


Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative (CCPI)


Conservation Innovation Grants(CIG)


Conservation Reserve Program(CRP)

This program is administered through the USDA-Farm Service Agency.


Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)

This is a voluntary program that encourages agricultural and forestry producers to maintain existing conservation activities and adopt additional ones on their operations.


Conservation Security Program  (CSP)

From the 2002 Farm Bill - archived.


Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) 

This program is to encourage and improve the capability of designated RC&D areas to plan, develop, and carry out projects for resource conservation and development.


Farm / Easements


Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program (FRPP)

This is a voluntary program that protects agricultural lands by limiting non-agricultural uses.


Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP)

This program promotes the protection and restoration of wetlands through the purchase of easements and enhancement activities.


Grassland Reserve Program(GRP)

This program provides funding to restore and protect pasturelands and certain other lands while maintaining the areas in grass.




Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP)

This program, set up by Congress to respond to emergencies created by natural disasters, is designed to relieve imminent hazards to life and property caused by floods, fire, windstorms, and other natural occurrences. 


Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention 

The Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act (PL 83-566) authorizes NRCS to cooperate with states and local agencies to carry out works of improvement for soil conservation and for other purposes including flood prevention; conservation, development, utilization and disposal of water; and conservation and proper utilization of land.


Watershed Rehabilitation 

(Not an active program in Connecticut)


Wetlands / Wildlife


Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)

This program helps improve fish and wildlife habitat and restore natural ecosystems


Other Related Information


Some of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat .




National Animal Agriculture Conservation Framework (641.6 KB) 

Animal Feeding Operations




Conservation Technical Assistance 


Small, Limited Resource, and Minority Farmers Program 


Tribal Government Relationships


What is a Conservation Plan? Brochure (190 KB)




Conservation Compliance


Conservation Program Appeals


Conservation Program Mediation


Environmental Justice


Equitable Relief




Conservation of Private Grazing Lands 


Conservation Partnership Initiative


Conservation Partnerships


Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative 




Community Planning


Conservation and Areawide Planning


Conservation Planning Toolkit


Locally Led Conservation


State Technical Committees


Rural Lands 


Rural Abandoned Mine Program  

(Not an active program in Connecticut)


Rural Development


Snow/Soil Survey 


Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecasting


Soil Survey Programs 




Clean Water Action Plan


Colorado River Basin Salinity Control


Coral Reef Initiative




Limited Resource Self-Determination Tool


Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan


Conservation Partnership Initiative (CPI)


Soil and Water Conservation Assistance (SWCA)


Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (AWEP)


Farmland Protection Policy Act


International Programs


Land Evaluation and and Site Assessment (LESA)


National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Documents


Plant Materials Center





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