Central Connecticut Regional Planning AgencyCT

New Britain Tree Plan

Trees provide a host of valuable benefits to a city, including cleaner air and water, improved physical and mental health, reduced flooding, lower heating and cooling costs, and higher property values. While trees can also incur costs, e.g., for planting and maintenance, and can damage infrastructure should they fall during a storm, their benefits generally exceed the costs. Despite this, tree cover in many cities has declined over the years. The causes range from neglect to disease, but the result has dramatically changed the landscape of many places, impoverishing cities both ecologically and esthetically.

To address this, CCRPA undertook a comprehensive tree study and plan for New Britain. The plan comprises the following sections:

  1. A review of the benefits (and costs) provided by urban trees
  2. Quantification of New Britain's current tree canopy
  3. Estimation of the benefits (and costs) provided to the city by its canopy
  4. Identification of at least two feasible scenarios for expansion of the tree canopy
  5. Estimation of the benefits (and costs) under each of these canopy scenarios
  6. A plan to implement these scenarios

The plan was completed in August 2013 and may be downloaded here. CCRPA has submitted a follow-up grant application to fund implementation of the plan, beginning with the planting of signature trees at selected locations throughout the city.

The plan was supported by an America the Beautiful grant by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.