Central Connecticut Regional Planning AgencyCT

Emergency Planning

CCRPA’s emergency planner is responsible for representing its member towns at emergency management meetings among two separate Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) regions. All of CCRPA’s member towns are in DEMHS Region 3 with the exception of Plymouth in DEMHS Region 5. The emergency planner represents towns in Region 3 at the Regional Council (a co-meeting between CCRPA and CRCOG), as well as the Statewide Citizen Corps Council. The emergency planner also represents the town of Plymouth in DEMHS Region 5 at the Region 5 Emergency Planning Team Steering Committee. Each year, the R5 Emergency Planning Team (EPT) gets a grant from DEMHS to spend on training and equipment in the region. Some of that grant is reserved for administration through the member regional planning organization, in Plymouth’s case, CCRPA. In exchange for the funds we receive, the emergency planner is responsible for communicating with Plymouth, getting their signatures on necessary forms, and helping with resource typing if necessary. In DEMHS Region 3, the emergency planner helps Citizen Corps Emergency Response Teams (CERT) acquire funding for a variety of different manners including funding for CERT training instructors, CERT uniforms, as well as CERT equipment.

Joint CRCOG-CCRPA Regional Council

CCRPA’s emergency planner is the representative for its member towns at the CRCOG-CCRPA joint regional council meeting. This meeting takes place on the first Monday of every month. At these meetings, CERT team leaders from DEMHS Region 3 give team reports about their activity in the prior month. If the CERT team leader cannot attend the meeting, the emergency planner will update the council on their behalf. It is at this meeting where the emergency planner will propose a funding request to the council for approval before getting final authorization at the Statewide Citizen Corps Council Meeting. Funding requests can be for CERT as well as for CCRPA itself.

Statewide Citizen Corps Council

CCRPA’s emergency planner sits as a voting partner on the Statewide Citizen Corps Council. Meetings are held every third Thursday of the month. At these meetings, the chair goes through the Statewide Operational Update, which inventories the number of CERT and CERT members throughout the state and their levels of training. The emergency planner updates the chair on any recently completed CERT training, and requests approval for funding authorization for any CERT, or CCRPA funding requests.

R5 Emergency Planning Team/R5 Steering Committee

The DEMHS Region 5 Emergency Planning Team (R5 EPT) oversees training and equipment in DEMHS Region 5. This region includes all of Litchfield County, northern Fairfield County, and northwestern New Haven County. Plymouth is the only town represented by CCRPA in the region. CCRPA’s emergency planner is responsible for attending all R5 Emergency Planning Team and R5 Steering Committee meetings then reporting back to the Mayor and Emergency Management Director of Plymouth about progress on projects that could potentially benefit Plymouth. The emergency planner attends these meetings to observe new spending plans, distribution of any equipment that Plymouth would be interested in receiving, and anything else that directly impacts Plymouth.