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An involved public is the basis of good planning. CCRPA accordingly makes efforts to engage the public thoroughly in its planning, decision-making, and programming. For details on the Agency's public involvement, please see the Agency's Public Participation Plan. A Spanish version is also available.

Agency staff welcome input from the public at any time by e-mail, fax, or telephone. The Agency has a special telephone numbers for paratransit inquiries; information on this can be found on our paratransit page.

Report a problem

The Agency has an official problem report process. The process differs depending on the type of issue:

Paratransit service

To report a problem with paratransit, please call DATTCO at 1-800-997-0900. Before reporting a problem, customers should be familiar with the basics of the service as well as the Rider and provider handbook for Central Connecticut Paratransit.

Title VI, Environmental Justice, and Limited English Proficiency

This process applies to Title VI, Limited English Proficiency, and Environmental Justice complaints or grievances resulting from federally-funded activities undertaken by the Agency, including failures to abide by the Public Participation Plan. Copies of the Process and a complaint form are provided below.

Other concerns

Problems that do not involve paratransit service or Title VI, Environmental Justice, or Limited English Proficiency should be reported to the staff member responsible for the program in question.