Central Connecticut Regional Planning AgencyCT

CCEDA Bylaws


The name of this organization shall be the Central Connecticut Economic Development Alliance (CCEDA) of the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency.


The Central Connecticut Economic Development Alliance shall have such rights, powers, and duties as are conferred to it as a committee of the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency under Title 8, Chapter 127, of the General Statutes of Connecticut and any amendments thereto. These purposes include, but are not limited to, plan and promote regional policies, programs, and projects to enhance economic development vitality, accessibility, and quality of life in our communities. The CCEDA shall focus its primary attention on economic development and the vitality of local and regional communities.


    1. The area served includes the Towns of Berlin, Bristol, Burlington, New Britain, Plainville, Plymouth, and Southington, Connecticut. Each town may be represented on the Alliance by up to three members (who may send alternates), including one each selected by the following agencies: Chief Elected or appointed Official
    2. Local economic development agency
    3. Chamber of Commerce

The following agencies each have the right to appoint one at-large member:

    1. Capital Workforce Partners
    2. CCSU
    3. Connecticut Central Regional Tourism District
    4. Northwest Connecticut Convention and Visitors Bureau, Litchfield Hills Office
    5. CERC
    6. Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development
    7. Tunxis Community College
    8. Northeast Utilities


A) REGULAR - Unless otherwise specified, the Alliance shall meet quarterly in accordance with the meeting schedule provided to all municipal clerks for the calendar year.

B) SPECIAL - Special meeting may be held by call of the Chair, or by petition to the Secretary from individuals making up 20% of the membership and representing three or more towns.

C) ANNUAL - Unless otherwise specified, the Annual Meeting shall be held in June.

D) CALL OF MEETINGS - Each Member shall be sent notices of meetings as well as minutes of the previous meeting.

E) QUORUM - A quorum for the conduct of business consists of one or more Members, or their Alternates, representing four or more CCRPA member municipalities . If a quorum is not present, those who are present may set a time, place and date for an adjourned meeting, provided that notice of such adjourned meeting shall be mailed to each member who was not present.

F) VOTING AND PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY - Each duly appointed member, or Alternate shall have one vote. Action shall be by a majority vote of those members present and voting. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with these bylaws where they apply and otherwise according to Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.


A) OFFICERS - Shall include a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall serve from July 1 to June 30, or until the next annual meeting, or until their successors have been elected. The officers shall be from different municipalities. In the occurrence of a vacancy in any office, a successor shall be elected at the next meeting to serve the unexpired term.

B) SELECTION - Officers shall be chosen from duly appointed representatives after nominations from the floor and/or from a nominating committee at the Annual Meeting. The nominating committee shall be composed of one representative from each member municipality. When three or more are nominated for any office, the final two nominees shall be selected by a majority vote on the first ballot. The two nominees who receive the greatest number of votes shall then be considered the nominees for the office and a second vote held.

C) REMOVAL - Officers may be removed from office by a majority vote upon notice to the membership.

D) CHAIR - The Chair shall preside at all meetings except that in the Chair’s absence the Vice-Chair shall preside; and in the absence of the Vice-Chair the Secretary shall preside. The Chair shall have the right to vote on all matters. The Chair shall be a member of all standing and special committees, ex officio without vote, except in the case of tie votes. The Chair shall be responsible for designating all CCEDA subcommittee chairs.

E) VICE-CHAIR - In the absence of the Chair, or when requested by the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall assume the powers and duties of the Chair.

F) SECRETARY - The Secretary shall oversee the CCRPA staff person who is the keeper of the official records.


The CCEDA may appoint such subcommittees from time to time as it may see fit with such powers and duties as the CCEDA may determine are consistent with law and these Bylaws.


All reports and plans which are adopted by the CCEDA and approved by the CCRPA Agency Board shall be filed with the chief executive officer and municipal clerk of each member municipality. Such reports shall not include reports that are incidental to the conduct of business by the CCEDA, unless so voted by the CCEDA. The CCEDA shall make appropriate information available for public participation, public hearings, other notifications, and the overall process of public participation.


These Bylaws may be adopted and subsequently amended by the CCRPA Agency Board and shall become effective immediately upon their adoption or amendment by the CCRPA Agency Board.


No CCEDA Member shall engage in or participate in any business or transaction, including outside employment with a private business, or have an interest, direct or indirect, which is incompatible with the proper discharge of the individual’s official responsibilities in the public interest or which would tend to hamper her/his independent judgment or action in the performance of the individual’s official responsibilities. No CCEDA Member shall solicit or accept any gift worth one hundred (100) dollars or more from any person or entity which to the CCEDA Member’s or employee’s knowledge is interested in any pending matter within such individual’s official responsibility.

Alliance Members shall refrain from voting upon or otherwise participating in any matter before the CCEDA if it involves a business with which s/he is associated, an individual with whom s/he is associated, or a member of her/his immediate family, has a financial or personal interest in the transaction or contract, including but not limited to the sale of real estate, material, supplies, or services to the CCEDA. In the event of such an apparent conflict of interest, s/he shall verbally describe the nature and extent of such interest to the CCEDA. However, a public employee or public official may vote or otherwise participate in a matter if it involves a determination of general policy and the same interest is shared with a substantial segment of the population of the area.

Adopted 9/6/2001; Amended 4/4/2002, 4/1/2004